Getting attached to Reggae and Dancehall in the late 1990s, Jane Bee soon made her first experience with acting as an MC, though singing/chatting has not been her main focus by that time. As a record collector and selector, she initially concentrated on running her own record shop called Saba Records in Leipzig (Saxony, East Germany) from 2004 until 2009 and was further engaged in promoting a radio show for about three years. Later, Jane Bee also worked as a local promoter and agent for renowned artists like Lord Sassafrass, Black Scorpio, Echo Minott, Peter Metro and Squiddly Ranking.

Despite focusing on these various businesses, she has always sticked to her personal aim of performing as a Selectress and MC. Today, she is a member of Outernational Sounds and is linked to the Jahtari Crew and the PlugDub. Moreover, Jane Bee is part of the so-called “Horseman Camp” around the veteran DJ SassaFrass. Her turf is early Roots music and Dancehall, Rub-a-Dub and Digital Reggae.

Since 2012, Jane Bee has been more seriously following her ambition as an MC and song writer. In August 2012, she first got the chance to deejay at one of the mighty PlugDub sessions in Leipzig when Doc Dressla from Jahtari passed the mic to her during their set. Jane Bee since had guest appearances at PlugDub and Jahtari shows.

She had record sessions together with Disrupt, even in cooperation with Naram for his debut album “March Of The Gremlins“. This Double-LP will feature Jane Bee’s tune β€œConquer Meβ€œ, her first official record release. She just released a 12-track demo tape on limited edition cassette.

Jane Bee is now working as an artist agent for Kommodore, a booking agency that is connected to Jahtari and artists which have releases on the label as well as to other international artists and sounds. She is further promoting Lord Sassafras, Asher Senator, Peter King and Sir Coxsone Sound UK.

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I highly recommend you to watch out for this SassaFrass documentary! #JugglingCrossTheBorder #OriginalHorseman #HorsemanStyle #SeeTeacherDeh #YangStudsNStables
I highly recommend you to watch out for this SassaFrass documentary! #JugglingCrossTheBorder #OriginalHorseman #HorsemanStyle #SeeTeacherDeh #YangStudsNStables "Juggling 'Cross The Border" is a story of redemption for a long-time Jamaican Reggae artist - Lord Sassafrass. Many Reggae artists were raised in poverty and as a result do not even own copies of the music they recorded. This is the case with Lord Sassafrass, but Sassafrass left a stack of 50 records in Brooklyn, New York in the 1980s, which have remained there for 30 years. Sassafrass has tried to get across the U.S. border to gather his music, but has been stopped at the border on each attempt. This is the story of Lord Sassafrass' journey to find his music. This documentary short begins in Cleveland with Reggae Disc Jockey Rich Lowe, up to Toronto to gather Lord Sassafrass in Canada, and then attempts to cross the border over to Brooklyn, New York. In this journey, Sassafrass visits, promoter Big John and long time sound system and record shop owner Jah Life. Sassafrass is a Jamaican rapper of DJ who started his career in the late 70's. He was the lead toaster for the great Black Scorpio Sound System and recorded top ten tunes for the Jamaican charts, like "Pocomanis Jump." Sassafrass moved from Jamaica in the 1980s and spent time in Brooklyn, New York before he settled in Toronto, Canada. Sassafrass is known as the "teacher" for a younger toaster by the name of General Trees, who also dj'd for Black Scorpio Sound. In Reggae "Dancehall" circles, Lord Sassafrass is legendary.