Formed in 2015, the science ninja team WaqWaq Kingdom is running secret operations from their underground bases in Berlin and Leipzig. Set out to save the world and re-chart sonic territory as we know it, their combined WaqWaq powers created the super weapon “Shinsekai” (“New World”), which will send ripples throughout the galaxy.

WaqWaq Kingdom team members are:

Shigeru Ishihara is mostly knows as breakcore-gameboy legend DJ Scotch Egg, but also for playing bass in Seefeel (Warp Records), the  Devilman project and Small But Hard Records. When he’s not saving the world operating the WaqWaq science lab he’s running Samurai Spoon, making the best Okonomiyaki in Berlin – oi-shiii!

Kiki Hitomi is the singer/songwriter from bass explorers King Midas Sound (Ninja Tune), Black Chow, the Japanese Dubstep noise duo Dokkebi Q and the NoinoNoinoNoino project. Her highly acclaimed solo debut album “Karma No Kusari” appeared on Jahtari in 2016.

Andrea Belfi is a drummer, composer and experimental musician. His unique style of creating hypnotic rhythms and textures led to numerous collaborations, with Nils FrahmJóhann Jóhannsson, Mike Watt, Matana Roberts Carla Bozulich, David Grubbs, Greg Haines, Circuit des Yeux, among others.

Andrea also exhibited sound-art installations throughout Europe and U.S., released five solo albums and more than fifty collaborative records. He has performed at Barbican Centre (London), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Unsound Festival (Krakow), Issue Project Room (New York), CTM Festival (Berlin).

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