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21. Sep




After three deadly discs in our Maffi series Solo Banton is back
with a vengeance and a full EP, flinging big tunes, the mic and
nunchuks alike with the ease of a Shaolin master.

To celebrate the 10TH 12inch on Jahtari, Ellen from MyLordSound
designed an extra-breathtaking cover in the tradition of the
classic Scientist series. Have a look, listen in and grab a copy
over HERE before they're gone!







Fresh out on Soom T's own new activist label Renegade Masters is
the first EP by the mysterious project 'The Source'. Two dynamite
reworks of the classic C64 soundtrack from 'Target Renegade' with
unmissable vocals by Soom T, plus two nuclear remixes by Patric
and an-ten-nae make this an absolute must-have!

While rinsing the record definitely check out the brilliant
Renegade Masters
website! Apart from more on the music and artists
there are lots of highly interesting articles on activist movements
and largely undocumented stuff that goes on around the world.

HERE's also a really insightful interview with Gari Biasillo, the
original creator of the 'Target Renegade' soundtrack, on how music
was created with computers before there was any music software
available at all. Pioneering!


Vernon Maytone -
Old Pan Sound (7")

12. Sep




New in our shop is the first official release on Tapes' own lovely
imprint, Selah Wadada. Big digital riddim with Vernon Maytone (from
the classic Maytones outfit!) rinsing it, and a deadly C64 melody
line that almost needs a vinyl groove of its own. All mastered to
good old CrO2-cassette and then pressed on 7" wax for maximum
soundkill pleasure.

Only 200 of those were pressed for the world! Strictly limited
edition - there won't be any re-presses! Listen in and grab a copy
over HERE!


our killer new
Pupajim / Maffi - 12"

20. Jun





After the (now hard to find) "I Am A Robot"-Maffi-7inch from
2010 busybody Pupajim finally returns to our favourite brew of
simple digital riddims with two large and indestructable dancehall
anthems, "Double Lock" and "Trouble Again", on a >gasp< Maffi-12"!

Usually a highly collectible series of 7inches, this is the first
ever Maffi-Disco-Twelve, coming - in true Firehouse style - with
some rather riveting and righteously ruckus-causing dubs by disrupt.

As with all Maffi releases, this 12" is a strictly limited edition!
So better be quick and grab one of those beauties HERE!


30. Mar





Spine crunching and synapse scorching EP by Black Chow, the not-
from-this-planet side project of Kevin "The Bug" Martin and Kiki
Hitomi (King Midas), extending the intense echodripping vibe of
their killer track "Wonderland" from the compilation "Jahtarian
Dubbers Vol. 2
" into a whole EP. Includes a new Pupajim version
that turns the riddim into something that can only be described
as a "bass opera" - utterly unique, totally addictive and
absolutely unheard of so far. Dangerous new track on B, deadly
versions and utterly amazing cover artwork by Kiki Hitomi - all
ready for a good ole checkout over HERE!



Level Up! mixtape -
Jahtari X Uprooted Sunshine

  New over in our mixtape section is a mind blowing mix by Uprooted
Sunshine Soundsystem
from Shanghai / China, rolling up tons of past,
present and future Jahtari tracks into one fat...reel, that will
most likely cause some hitherto unseen excitement to your bassbins.
Featuring a load of exclusively recorded vocals in at least four (!)
different languages by Chacha (CHI), Arminda (BRA), Esia (FRA),
Didjelirium from Tahiti, the Part2Style posse (JAP) - plus a whole
battery of FX guns, KungFu movie samples and even bigups from Clive
(!) - this gem is an absolute must in your boombox! (And let's
not forget the previews of a bunch of-soon-to-come Jahtari releases
by Solo Banton and Soom T!). All details + free download HERE.

disrupt / Tapes - 7" on PIH

  A great dugout from the chest of forgotten Jahtari gems is out on
an ultra nice Police In Helicopter-7" now. With a deepslow 8-bit
destroyer by disrupt on A, and a raw and hardslamming reverb buster
straight off Tapes' cassette deck on B.

Limited edition, the first 500 copies come in a highly collectible
camouflage sleeve! Get a close look and listen right HERE!





New up HERE in our in our PICS/ELSE section is an excellent video
from a brilliant night with El Fata @ White Rabbit in Freiburg
(now also know as "Fyahburg") / Germany, in Feb 2011. Pure good
vibes, heaps of echos and lotsa bass.

Remember how those tunes came about (= live and on a sound system)
when they will come out on a record some day!


Shop holiday





Attention: our SHOP will be CLOSED until March 16, as Rootah, who
runs it, is backpacking in Asia for two weeks!! You can still order
away, but nothing will be shipped until then! Sorry about that, but
a wee holiday has to be done now and then...

If you're ready to wait with your orders for those 2 weeks it might
be absolutely worth it, as by then you might be able to grab a brand
new copy of the upcoming Black Chow feat. Pupajim 12", which will be
hot off the vinyl press shortly!


Since myspace lately turned from being mildly annoying into
becoming a massive pain in the sitter we decided to abandon their
site. Nothing will happen over there anymore.

BUT: we finally got our heads round facebook ("WHAT - you're not on
Facebook already??!") and set up something nicely THERE. All the
fresh tunes, pics, video links and the full range of gimmicks. So if
you want to have a listen to the upcoming stuff join us over HERE.


new Scotch Bonnett 12" /
limited Selah Wadadda







We got two new excellent records available over in our SHOP.

The first is the fresh Scotch Bonnet 12" from the Mungo's Hifi
crew outta Glasgeh City - one of our alltime fave releases from
Scotland's number one bass rascals! A reworked dub of an Errol
Dunkley classic, with new vocals by Luis & Pacey, and an extra
deep sub - to be played on heavy systems only. Full listen in +
all infos HERE.

And then there's the awesome 7" re-cut of a forgotten late-70s UK
roots gem by Joe White on the obscure "Selah Wadda" label. Brilliant
old-school song writing at its best with killer lovers vocals and
an amazing harmony progression. Strictly limited - listen in HERE!


Soom T & disrupt






Just in time to start the year with a big green blast comes THIS
synapse scorching double album from Soom T & disrupt. Following the
now-classic-'Dirty Money EP', this deadly disc threatens to gather
up every ganja cliché ever designed and smash them all to
smithereens. Not for the faint of heart, this epic is designed to
chill and stimulate (listeners to skin up), while doing everything
but take itself seriously. Highly addictive stuff, you've been

Comes as stunning 2LP edition with all lyrics and fun drawings by
Soom T on the inner sleeves, or digipack-CD incl. a 16 page booklet
with the same jolly art, for a good ole' singalong. Light it HERE!







We hope you entered twentyeleven as smoothly as we did, it should
be a good one. Lots of goodness is in the tube - as always -
including a Black Chow EP, the first Maffi-12", a fine Dub album,
more by Pupajim and Solo Banton plus more jaw-dropping stuff. Like
the start of a new sister label. But more on that later...

Since you should start the new year as you mean to go on, we saved
one massive Gandalf-type firecracker up for the occasion: the long-
awaited epic concept LP by Soom T & disrupt(see above)! If you
caught us live sometime in the last year and a half you probably
were already singing or smoking along to a few of those wee chunes.
So here's the real thing, ready to annoy the neighbours.




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