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  Daddy Freddy - Long Way (Colonel Mustard's 7")

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Naram and the Jahtari posse have formed an unlikely alliance with a mysterious gentleman named
Colonel Mustard to launch a new label focusing on contemporary music that’s directly inspired by ruffneck
1980s and early 90s dancehall. Operating out of the harsh desert landscapes of Coburgistan, the
Colonel is a hard taskmaster, and he’s put Naram and disrupt to work to cook up a trailer load of killer
relicks and deadly original riddims.

With the Colonel’s impressive sphere of global influence, the riddims are finding their way to some of
the wickedest artists from dancehall’s golden era – as well as brand new talents he's unearthed to carry
on the style and fashion. Watch the ride and don’t test, because the Colonel is stockpiling serious

The first artist to grace the new Colonel Mustard imprint is the man Guinness Book of Records found to
be the world’s fastest chatter back in 1989 – the incomparable Daddy Freddy. Riding a deadly Naram
relick of the Bad Boy Wadat riddim, Long Way finds Freddy marching through an apocalyptic world filled
with wickedness and corruption to deliver a frighteningly ruff sermon of righteous indignation against
the evil-doers.

Disrupt joins Naram on the version to launch a further warhead against the Babylonians with a menacing
dubwise cut.

All Colonel Mustard’s 7"s have been fine-tuned to test any soundsystem’s bass bins – and they’re
strictly limited pressing, so get in quick or face the wrath of the Colonel!



4,99 EUR

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Daddy Freddy - Long Way
Naram - Long Way version








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