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Finally out on lovely wax is our first ever Jahtari-12", "JAHTARIAN DUBBERS Vol. 1". Three heavy
tunes from our upcoming label compilation album plus an exclusive and new cut of Rootah's
"Holy Mount" appear here on this beautiful record. Every groove of it is filled to the max with
deadly basslines, smashing delays and infinte deepness, just waiting to be discovered in full detail.

The opener "Roots Defender" by Blaze Dem will already smash any sound system with
ease. With an ultra-deep bassline, a killer hook and crazy sampling madness in Swedish this
tune is sure to shake any floor. Disrupt follows in his unmistakable style with "Kozure Okami"
on A2, paying tribute to old 70s Samurai movies and Black Ark alike. From cutting-edge FX
action, full force low-end niceness to a wicked synthie solo - all's in there.

The B-side starts off with John Frum's echo monster "January Dub". Soundscapes beyond
words layered over these special drum and bass vibe that only our delay navigator is able to
create are topped off with a big melody line that definitely will follow you in your dreams.

Rootah is finishing this heavy wax with his smaher "Holy Mount Part 2" which is nothing else
but pure blizz, as you will see. Tube tape echo machines are being set on fire over this
extremely hypnotic mutation of the Drum Song riddim. Watch your speakers. The original
and pretty different version (Part 1) will appear on the full album compilation next.


For the collectors (and ebay specialists) among you: the first 100 vinyls will get a cool hand-
sprayed Jahtari logo (see below), so be quick before they go!

Mastered and cut for maximum heavyness by Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.


sold out!

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Roots Defender
Kozure Okami

January Dub
Holy Mount Part 2




Limited edition:

the first 100 copies will
have a hand-sprayed
JAHTARI logo on the
sleeve! Be quick!