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  Black Chow feat. Pupajim - Wonderland EP (12" /CD)

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Spine crunching and synapse scorching 12"-EP by Black Chow, the not-from-this-planet side
project of Kevin "The Bug" Martin (King Midas, Techno Animal) and Kiki Hitomi (King Midas,
Dokkebi Q), extending the intense echo-dripping vibe of their killer track "Wonderland" from
the compilation "Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2" into a whole EP.

Following the haunting Japanese original on side A is Pupajim's "Signs" with its tsunami-
powered vocal style, turning the riddim into something that can only be described as a
"bass opera" - utterly unique, totally addictive and absolutely unheard of so far. A deadly
and stripped-to-the-bone dub version is on A3.

"Danger" on side B certainly lives up to the title. Casio driven 8-bit loops run through an echo
chamber on a sonic warfare weapons testing range, with Kiki Hitomi on the spaceship intercom.
The dub version will definitely create a black hole in your neighbourhood. Bass music straight
from the bomb shelter on Mars.

The 12" comes with amazing artwork by Kiki Hitomi!










sold out!

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Black Chow - Wonderland
Black Chow feat. Pupajim - Signs
Black Chow - Wonderland version

Black Chow - Danger
Black Chow - Danger version








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