Zeb & Scotty - Bring Di Sensi /
___________________ Dressla - Bomb Their Circles


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Two deadly vocal versions on the so-called "Bits Of Fury" riddim, which already has a little
obscure past...

Side A features a live recording from the unforgettable show with disrupt, Soom T and Mungo's
at their hombase at the Glasgeh School of Art in Oct 2008. During the set Scotland MC legends
Papa Zeb & Daddy Scotty came spontaneously up on stage for a fistful of riddims, and both are
riding this rough edged 8-bit beauty like there's no tomorrow, making it one of the finest Ganja
odes ever rolled. Soom T gives the lads a hearty cheers at the end - one more for the list of
magic moments. The whole recording of the set can be heard HERE in our Tapes section.

Side B is coming straight from the streets of Leipzig-Connewitz. Captured by chance during a
cloudy freestyle session along with roots dudes Bankil and FlipFlop, Jahtari MC veteran Dressla
delivers this brilliant street fighting anthem with the unstoppable vibe of countless sound system
nights on the mic behind him. Full lyrics HERE. Soom T also joined in for some bits later - there's
no escape from this jolly lass.

The track recently appeared on the amazing compilation "Rage Against The Death Machine:
28 years of injustice - Free Mumia Now
", to spread the word about the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal
and to raise raise money for continuing the fight for his release from death row. This soli-CD can
be bought HERE or HERE.

The cover on the B-side is part of the amazing 2008 poster "KOPI verteidigen" (defend Köpi) by
Sven from Disorder Rebel Store in Berlin.


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Zeb & Scotty - Bring Di Sensi
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Dressla - Bomb Their Circles
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