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Irie and welcome to JAHTARI Records! _______ ABOUT / CONTACT / BOOKING / DATES

In case you are new to JAHTARI some words in general: if you would like to know
something about our label concept or how to contact us you can always click the
pacman symbol in the upper left corner. For deeper explanations check the THEORY
section or the REGGAE HISTORY in the MAGAZINE corner. Otherwise just play around a
bit - which is the way this site is actually intended to be - and be prepared for
some stories, sounds and surprises!


Heaps of our music is out on lovely vinyl meanwhile, but since we're living in the
21st century crammed with funny 2.0-gimmicks we're dropping a series of so called
'NET-7inches' here since 2004 that are available for free download. This is
nothing else but a virtual single that sounds (and even looks!) exactly like our well
known vinyl-7"-format (including A- and B-Side!) - but exists only here in the
computer as a lot of funny Ones and Zeros. Enjoy these and dont't forget to check
back for releases!



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