Belt up for a mind-altering journey through time and space stopping
by Japanese enka, 8-bit psychedelica and mutated digi dub on our
new genre-defying long player by Kiki Hitomi.

This gritty disc of cosmic vintage pop - produced entirely without a
computer by disrupt - includes compositions by Maffi, the mysterious
Tapes plus a transmission from the immortal Space Ape.

Strictly limited pressing - only 500 blue marbled vinyl copies for the
galaxy! You can grab a copy, listen to the full album and marvel at the
artwork over HERE!





Limited 12" from Leipzig's Bassmssg crew, incl. a rare dub cut by
disrupt of Pupajim's "Nobody Can Stop We". Cuss Cuss never dies...

Other tracks by Beam Up, Duke Of Juke, Ill_K, Mesak, Claws
Costeau Elemental, Troy Gunner Rowl.

Listen in HERE. You can grab one of the last copies HERE.






The next round of Colonel Mustard’s 7" grenades is finally ready to
be launched, with two veteran raggamuffin deejays - Wild Apache
legend Junior Cat and the mysterious Reverend Danny Dread -
riding military-grade riddims developed by Naram and disrupt.

As per usual, both these 7”s are strictly limited. You can listen in
and grab a copy over HERE.








Out now on LP is THIS gritty dub poetry epic by Roger Robinson,
taking you straight to Brixton's streets. With hand-crafted riddims
done by disrupt with lots of voltage and strictly old school gear,
that's the kind of record that makes you dance in the club but also
makes think on the way home.

The amazing cover artwork was done by Elen G. / MyLord, this
time in an acrylic painting technique, that looks nothing but gorgeous
in full LP size.

You can listen in, check some nice videos and get a copy for that
special place on your shelf HERE. Limited pressing!







Denmark’s deadliest riddim construction duo is back with a
vengeance and a fresh 6-track EP. With killer vocals by Junior
Roy, Colonel Maxwell, Peter King and Asher Senator. Listen in
and quickly get a copy before they're gone HERE!

T-shirts featuring the jaw dropping artwork by Kanato are available
over HERE in our Spreadshirt shop.



New in our shop is THIS self-released tape by Jane Bee, with
maximum demo-lition over full 12 tracks! Including unreleased
Naram riddims, the only Jahtari dubplate in existence - of Jane's
hit "Conquer Me" - and heaps of cuts on classic 7"-B sides.

Limited edition of 200 cassettes, don't sleep on this one!












Together with Naram and the mysterious gentleman named Colonel
Mustard we're launching a new 7"-sublabel specializing in killer
relicks and deadly original riddims, directly inspired by ruffneck
1980s dancehall. The riddims are finding their way to some of the
wickedest artists from dancehall’s golden era – as well as brand
new talents to carry on the style and fashion. Watch the ride and
don’t test, because the Colonel is stockpiling serious ammunition!

The first two 7"s are seeing Daddy Freddy on a relick of the Bad
Bwoy Wadat riddim, and a soundkilling anthem by Face &
(out of Asher Senator's Code 7 yard in Brixton) on a
fresh Naram cut. You can listen in or grab a copy HERE and HERE.

All Colonel Mustard’s 7"s have been fine-tuned to test any sound
system’s bass bins – and they’re strictly limited pressing, so get in
quick or face the wrath of the Colonel!







While waiting for the next banging 7"s to come off the press we got
a few new funny goodies in our shop.

As you know winter is coming, so we made a box of THOSE ultra-
warm and ultra-cozy Jahtari hoodies. If you're the lucky owner of
the previous Maffi model you know what we're talking about.

They're coming in electric blue and black, best have a browse over


Casio Love cassette


Also in our shop: a jaw dropping cassette release by Casio Love
from the Swedish Tram Trax label. Four tracks of space dub
including a tribute to the swedish bosstronaut Christer Fuglesang -
don't miss this one! You can listen in over HERE.

The limited edition cassettes are outer space black, hand stamped
and numbered. Each tape comes with unique artwork consisting of
a space collectors card from the 60's glued onto the cover. Digital
download included with every tape. Only 50 copies ever made!


Also from Tram Trax: a brilliant mixtape by DJ Dynamiten
collecting over 80 minutes of the finest and rarest Christmas
reggae tunes ever recorded, ranging from 70's roots & 80's digital
to 90's dancehall and more. Dubbed out classics and hilarious tales
of Santa skanking in the dance. You can listen in over HERE.

Strictly limited edition of snowy glitter cassettes, with hand
numbered risograph print covers. Digital download included
with every tape. You can get them HERE.


new Jahtari T-shirts!





If you're in need of some fine threads there's a whole heap of new
T-shirt designs up in our Jahtari Spreadshirt shop. Record covers,
logos, 8 bit themes and even a Japanese section with cool hiragana
writing. You can either choose from a range of pre-selected shirts
or even design your own hoodies, mugs, baby clothes or kitchen
aprons. Have a look over HERE!


Level Up! mix on cassette


Blaise Deville's great "Level Up!" mixtape from 2011 finally found
its way onto lovely cassette. Filled with the Jahtari hits of its day,
rare unreleased cuts, vocal action from the Uprooted Sunshine posse
in Shanghai / China and epic kungfu movie samples, this tape is a
must in every boombox.

It comes on a red hot cassette and with a jaw dropping SNES-style
fold out cover. This tape is strictly limited, so better be quick
and get a copy HERE!








Hard to believe, but already 10 years have passed since Jahtari's
simple beginnings as a netlabel in 2004. To celebrate in style we
cooked up this highly addictive fourth instalment in the crucial
Jahtarian Dubbers series that will run your walkman batteries
empty in no time.

Featuring tunes by Pupajim, El Fata and Maffi, disrupt, Chacha,
Diggory Kenrick, Mungo's Hifi and Shanti D, Jah Screechy and
Naram, Monkey Marc, EarlyW~Rm, 7FT Soundsystem and Mentor Irie,
and the indestructible Jahtari Riddim Force this one
shouldn't be kept away from your turntable. You can listen in or
grab a copy over HERE.




There's a fine new Jahtari mix up on Clash magazine right now with
heaps of past and present bangers - and it's even available for free
download! So best bend your ear THIS way quickly!






Check out the new Rewired Radio show on NTS, including THIS
exclusive transmission of voltage controlled Dub straight from
the Jahtari lab, full of fresh releases and upcoming tunes,
unheard demos and funny interludes ready to rock your








The new year is already starting off well nice with two fresh Jahtari
belters: a dubbed out Naram 2LP with deadly lyrics by various UK
sound system legends and a Mini LP by disrupt with dubs done on a
Gamebwoy - strictly for space cadets!

Naram's "March Of The Gremlins" is the debut release from the
newest antipodean addition to the Jahtarian stables: a double-LP-
length digikal reggae opus filled with gritty minor-key riddims
designed to wreak havoc on the cogs of the Babylon system. Like
the furry mogwai creatures from the 1984 film of the same name,
Gremlins is bound to kick up rumpus after dark - and the pressings
are well heavy - so don't sleep on THIS one!


Also fresh off the press: disrupt's "Dub Matrix With Stereo Sound"
mini-LP, with nine crisp cuts built strictly on the Gamebwoy before
being dubbed out with a pimped up Korg Monotron Delay and mixed
down to lovely cassette.

If you're a lover of extraterrestrial 8-bit dub, this may just be the
holy grail. So don't fanny about, bag THIS one quick - because like
all Jahtarian output, this pressing is strictly limited!



back in stock:
Maffi hoodies


You know it, "Winter is coming", that's why we got a limited number
of our ultra-warm and cozy Maffi hoodies back in stock. Made of
high quality, fair trade material they're ready to take on German and
even Scottish weather (like last weekend in Glasgow with Mungo's

You can get them in our shop over HERE.





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