JMG 02

JAHMIGA 7"-series:

Porque Te Dub / version (7")


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This lovable 45 on the mysterious Jahmiga imprint contains a rough edged cover version of a
undying 1974 Spanish dance classic, widely known from the movie "Cria Cuervos". After a row
of corny English, German and even a Soviet Russian version from the 80s, this cut may just be
one more in a long line of unnecessesary spin-offs - were it not for the irresistable charm of its
Digital Laptop Reggae treatment, which will make every stoner in the dance holler out with joy.

With sexy female vocals of unknown origin, a pop factor that would put ABBA to shame and an
obscureness level that will dazzle any self-respected vinyl collector this cutie shouldn't be
missing in any record crate that makes it's way down to the beach sound systems during the
summer. In Stereo!

Limited pressing only!





A-Side: Porque Te Dub

B-Side: Porque version



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