MAFFI 2 x 7":

Solo Banton - No / Dancehall Nice Again (+ versions)


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After his timeless smasher "Talk To Me" (on Maffi-7" JTR7-02) Solo Banton is back big time with
two bass-charged dancehall bombs, ready to win hearts, minds and any sound clash with ease.

"No" is one of those rare and highly inspiring all-out statements that has the power to change
anybody's life into that of a Jedi knight instantly, delivered with enough straightforward energy to
make sure every single line strikes home as another nail in the lid of the system's coffin. A
Rootah refix of the track already appeared on the recent "Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2"

For "Dancehall Nice Again" Solo Banton teams up with singer and brother-in-arms Trevor Irie on a
deadly Maffi killer that should give any club safety inspector a heart attack. A 100% vibes-powered
space rocket that won't miss it's aim, destined to detonate right on the decks.

The explosives come ready-to-DJ as a handy two disc set with each of the Dubs pressed on the
other 7", thus making mixing vocal cut and version xtra easy without the need of buying two of the
same copies.

Limited edition - so better be quick!





sold out!

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JTR7-07 A Solo Banton NO    
JTR7-07 B disrupt RHYTHM RIDDIM    
JTR7-08 A Solo Banton & Trevor Irie DANCEHALL NICE AGAIN    
JTR7-08 B disrupt NO VERSION    







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