Rootah started off producing music with NoiseTracker on his COMMODORE AMIGA 500 back in the early 90ies. Having been a DJ since his youth this side really gained momentum when Techno lifted off and he came across Basic Channel, the Detroit and Chicago sound, Elektro and tons of other related stuff in ca. 1995. He spent the next seven years with active DJing across Germany, occasionally organizing club
events, running an online record store, partying and more music production experiments. Meanwhile with samplers, synths and FX units.

In 1998 Rootah and disrupt met in Leipzig / Germany while working a day-job on a construction site. This sparked a row of more extensive studies into music and herbalogy as well as ultimately the idea for the Digital Laptop Reggae concept.

After an intensive time perfecting this he discovered that the feel, handling and sound of old analogue hardware gear seemed to miss. Since then Rootah is exploring the ying-yang fusion between computah and the rough charme of overheated tubes and tape-delays.

Rootah Releases