Personal data that Jahtari has collected and recorded pertaining to the purchasers (Name, address, email, phone number), solely serve the purpose of handling and processing the order including the realization of delivery or sales price, as well as the pursuance of any further claims that may result from this.

Adress data are used to deliver and track the ordered items through DHL or Deutsche Post.

After choosing payment through Paypal the customer data will be transferred to Paypal to conclude the payment procedure.

After optional signing up for the Jahtari newsletter customers will receive an email with info about new releases roughly every three months. Unsubscribe and account deletion is possible at any time. Email addresses for sending out the newsletter will be handled by MailChimp, under MailChimp’s data protection.

Otherwise no customer data will be handled by third party companies.

The Jahtari site does NOT use cookies or any form of tracking and is not connected through apps in social networks like facebook.