SOLO THE SINGER – Solo started MCing at the age of 11 as a younger MC on his brother’s sound system King Shamma International. Experimenting with rap/hip hop for a while in his teens he finally joined Majestic Sound and was the soul selecta with Shadey aswell as the MC with Daddy MG. After forming a great friendship with Kris Kemist from Reality Shock Records Solo voiced a heap of hit tunes, with no end in sight. Currently working on an album the vibes are far from over.

SOLO THE SOUNDMAN – Already starting as a youth Solo played out on Majestic Sound and various radio stations. Later on he joined Classic Wonder in Reading as amic man, finally becoming the selector and playing the sound for many years. Now the sound is playing out at leat once a week with Solo in a mangerial role.

Solo Banton Releases


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