disrupt – Arcade Addict / Proper Tings (7″)


Two lost & found lofi nuggets from the Jahtari vault, appearing on 7″ floppy disc for the very first time.

Arcade Addict” is the original Dub cut of Mikey Murka‘s “Sensi Addict”, a version of the sweet Ujama classic that came out as a Jahtari Net-7″ in 2006. Sprinkled with field recordings from early 80s Arcade Halls (done by kids with a walkman) this little oddity never made it to vinyl until now.

Proper Tings” on B is taken from a home made video from 2012, originally made to show the capabilities of a DIY Synth project using a Commodore C64 home computer sound chip, the growly SID synth.

Sounds are made from scratch, sequenced out on a MPC – and the ensuing Dub jam turned out to be a lucky shot, eventually shaping up as Paul St. Hilaire‘s “Who Goes There“. There’s a raw, beautiful 8bit magic to this Dub, finally making it to wax for the first time.

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