The Other Others is an experimental Deephouse Afro-futurism project by Dub poetry free spirit Jasmine Tutum and Jahtari founders disrupt and Rootah.

Jasmine was born in Tokyo, grew up in Jamaica, has African roots and now lives in Freiburg / Germany. She hosted radio shows there for many years, with a voice that can go from Grace Jones to a cosmic version of Paul St. Hilaire and lots of unique places inbetween.

Rootah was very active in the Leipzig Techno scene in the 1990s, but – after meeting disrupt at a custruction site day job – explored all things Dub and Bass as producer and DJ and performed many Jahtari live shows since 2004.

disrupt produced most of the Jahtari releases, played all over the world alongside many different artists and runs the little side label Zonedog, specializing in Sonic Fiction.



The Other Others (LP)