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disrupt – Arcade Addict (7″)

“Arcade Addict”

Jahtari JTRL7-14
release date: 03.12.2023
7″ vinyl, digital


Two lost & found lofi nuggets from the Jahtari vault, appearing on 7″ floppy disc for the very first time.

Arcade Addict” is the original Dub cut of Mikey Murka‘s “Sensi Addict”, a version of the sweet Ujama classic that came out as a Jahtari Net-7″ in 2006. Sprinkled with field recordings from early 80s Arcade Halls (done by kids with a walkman) this little oddity never made it to vinyl until now.

Proper Tings” on B is taken from a home made video from 2012, originally made to show the capabilities of a DIY Synth project using a Commodore C64 home computer sound chip, the growly SID synth.

Sounds are made from scratch, sequenced out on a MPC – and the ensuing Dub jam turned out to be a lucky shot, eventually shaping up as Paul St. Hilaire‘s “Who Goes There“. There’s a raw, beautiful 8bit magic to this Dub, finally making it to wax for the first time.

artist info

Making ‘Proper Tings’ from scratch in the studio.

This vocal cut with Paul St. Hilaire came later.



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