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The NM Band – She Wants (Isle of Jura 12″)

Official reissue of ‘She Wants’, one of the first UK Street Soul singles originally released in 1985 by The NM Band. TIP!

The NM Band was an alias for UK Lovers Rock band Natural Mystic, who by 1985 wanted to try something away from their trademark roots reggae sound. Influenced by the availability of affordable hardware the band set about fusing Reggae and Soul using an Akai Drum machine, Yamaha DX7 and Roland sound module. ‘She Wants’ is one of the forebearers of UK Street Soul, raw machine drums paired with an incredibly soulful vocal from Ashley Sommers.

Watch out for the Dub Version on B, ‘She Wants’ (More)!

Out through the masters of slow burn, Isle of Jura.

Jura Sound System – Transmission One (2LP)

Brilliant compilation by Jura Sound System, collecting rare and sought after outsider dub gems, cosmic boogie cuts and spacy ambient edits never before released on vinyl.

Great journey from beginning till end – BIG TIP!

Jura Soundsystem presents Transmission Three (2LP)

The third and concluding edition of the Transmissions compilation series curated by Isle of Jura / Jura Soundsystem.

The compilation focuses once again on rarities no longer available on Vinyl and touches upon Reggae & Dub, Ambient House, Downtempo and Leftfield Disco.

Absolutely amazing trilogy – MUST HAVE if you already loved Transmissions one and two!

Jura Sound System – Transmission Two (2LP)

Just like the first transmission this compilation full of unreleased and sought after gems by Jura Sound System turned out to be one of the most addictive albums from 2020. From Ambient, Dub House to slow Disco, it’s all there to spread instant positive vibes and take you to another place.

Hitman’s ‘Future Times’ and Jeff Bridges’ ‘Feeling Good’ became absolute lockdown chillout favourites. Vinyl diggers delight – only few copies available – BIG TIP!

Bella Vista – Mister Wong (Isle Of Jura 12″)

Isle Of Jura nailing it again with this 1982 Space Pop 12″-oddity, including the sought after Disco Dub version that lets the bassline work its magic alongside some heavy dub delays. On the flip Jura Soundsystem provide an extended version with added live percussion. Great stuff.

A record like a thick fluffy carpet – couch listening essential release!

Len Leise / Jura Soundsystem – Dear Adrian / Udaberri Blues (12″)

The first release on Temples Of Jura, a new Isle Of Jura offshoot, is a split Dub 12″ featuring Melbourne’s Len Leise and Adelaide’s Jura Soundsystem. As the title suggests Len’s track is a homage to the legendary Dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood whilst Jura Soundsystem debut with a more Rootsy excursion across 3 mixes.

Lovely tape grit on A, and very cool more and more spaced out dubs on B with a distinct 90s vibe. Great for horizontal position listening.

Shiva – Never Gonna Give You Up (12″)

Two lost Disco classics featuring soul legend Leon Ware and Jo Ann Harris, a little known backing singer for Bob Dylan throughout the 80s. Produced Ira Newborn, Hollywood soundtrack royalty who composed the scores for an incredible run of films including The Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Naked Gun trilogy, Weird Science, Ace Ventura and Uncle Buck.

There are two original versions backed with extended instrumentals sourced from a rare Lazer Disc Version of the album. It feels right to shine a light on one of Leon Ware’s lesser known performances, whilst the Jo Ann Harris cut has a distinct Balearic air featuring sultry keys and sax at a tempo of 98 BPM.

140gram pressing in 3mm spine Disco Sleeve, out on Isle of Jura.

Melody Beecher – Careless Whisper (7″)

Lovers Rock cover of the 80’s classic complete with killer Dub version, originally released in a very small run of 7”s in 1985.

Performed by the late Melody Beecher and produced by her husband Paul Beecher the 7” has been re-mastered from the original two track session tape.

Out through Isle of Jura, comes in hand stamped in a kraftboard sleeve.

Instant House – Lost Horizons (12″)

In 1993, Instant House released their deepest single, Lost Horizons, through Jungle Sounds Recordings. The A-side, ‘Lost Horizons (The Mind Travel Saturday Night Sunday Morning Mix)’ is a seventeen-minute and twenty-second sojourn into the vibrant club sounds of early 90s NYC.

Driven by a Latin-accented man-machine beat that marches into infinity, it comes backed by two shorter mixes, ‘Lost Horizons’ and ‘Lost Horizons (Percussion Bonus)’.

Twenty-nine years later, Isle of Jura presents an official vinylreissue of this slow-burning deep cut.

Super psychedelic, uplifting Sunday morninng sunrise tracks!



House of Assembly – Hot Rock (12″)

Originally released in 1988 ‘Hot Rock’ was the final single from Pennsylvanian based roots reggae band House Of Assembly.

The band started their own Concrete label in 1988 releasing ‘Hot Rock’ complete with a Dub Version possessing a potent combination of punchy 707 drum programming, killer rolling bassline, stripped back lead guitar and a rising synth line.

For the official Isle of Jura reissue there’s an added ‘Rockapella’ version not found on the original 12” and a new full sleeve jacket designed by Bradley Pinkerton.

Mad Dub version, soaked in lush DX7 vibes – BIG TIP!