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The Shruti-1 from
Mutable Instruments




Here are some useful links if you want to get into building gear yourself.

  • www.ucapps.de - Thorsten Klose's MIDIbox hompage. Highly recommended if you want to build
    your own SID synth or other excellent machines!
  • SmashTV shop: for buying the Midibox parts in USA. Great beginner-friendly PCBs.
  • Mike's Elektronik Shop: the same for buying in Germany, but different PCBs.

Other nice projects to check out:

  • MIDIBOX FM synth: uses the early 90s Soundblaster chips (OPL3). Very unique machine, with the
    FM sound of early 90s games like Monkey Island. Or like a Yamaha DX-7.
  • Shruti-1: great small monophonic synth with optional analogue filters, that can be built in one day.
  • Meeblip: another amazing small synth, not unlike the Shruti-1, but with more knobs and a
    different concept.
  • Highly Liquid: very good Retrofit MIDI kits, so you can play old Casio (and other) synths via the
    computer, a AKAI MPC etc.

Recommended literature, if you want to get into soldering and circuit bending: