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price: 420,- EUR




YAMAHA CS01 - incl. MIDI

The legendary Yamaha CS01 synth. Especially the Triangle Bass ist unbeatable when making Jammy$-style
digital reggae - earthquake! This deceivingly little synth is no toy. Also great for leads, effects, unique stepped
glissando glide for 8-bit-sounding-sweeps, the breath control input can be used with CV from any modular rack
for cutoff modulation, etc

This CS01 comes with the MIDI-retrofit from Highly Liquid (see fotos, can be taken off as well) and can now be
played from any sequencer or DAW. Opens up loads of new possibilities, turns out it's actually killer for

This unit is in top condition, everythings works perfectly, no scratchy faders or broken keys. RARE!




Boomstar SE80

price: 900,- EUR


Studio Electronics Boomstar SE80 (Yamaha CS80 Filter!)

Studio Electronics Boomstar SE80 analogue monosysnth. This is the version with the Yamaha-CS80 filter
(lowpass and highpass). Extremely thick and special sound, loads of modulation possibilities, CV/Gate Inputs,
MIDI, etc. Perfekt for unconventional effects sounds and in conjunction with a sequencer killer for arpeggiator
lines. Pure voltage!

This unit has been upgraded with some proper knobs for the little potis (Osc mixer, ring mod, highpass etc) for
way more knob twisting fun! See pics. Machine is in top condition and still has warranty until Jan 2017.




Moog Minitaur

price: 400,- EUR


Moog Minitaur Bass Synthesizer

New version of Moog's classic Taurus bass synth. 2 Osc (Pulse / Saw), extremely lush and round filter, 2
Envelopes, LFO, CV/Gate-Inputs, MIDI, USB etc. Hard to beat for wall shaking analogue bass goodness, but
also useful for melodies or arpeggiators in conjunction with a sequencer.

Unit is in top shape, only used in studio. Can be heard on lots of Jahtari records.





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