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We believe that musical instruments first of all belong into the hands of musicians, which are
rarely soldering geeks at the same time. So for those who just would love to own one of those
nice little machines listed below, but can't be arsed with building one themselves, we're offering
an assembly service for projects we know how to do by now. This means we can order all parts
and build a machine for you on demand. If you're interested please get in touch via

Right now we're offering an assembly service for the following projects:


Midibox SID synthesizer, assembled

MIDIbox SID synthesizer

An utterly brilliant synth based on the versatile MIDIbox platform designed by Thorsten Klose. It contains
two SID chips - the legendary sound chip from the Commodore C64 home computer - and is by far the
best way to get that very charming 8bit sound. Especially the very hands-on feeling of the machine and
the way you can control most parameters directly is unbeatable.

It comes with a special Jahtari frontplate, deluxe metal knobs, a cool blue display and a whole bunch of
Jahtari presets already loaded into it. Full info HERE!




The heavily improved Monotron Delay,
in a C64 floppy case.

Korg Monotron Delay - Jahtari edition

You gotta love those little Korg Monotron Delay units - highly addictive and absolutely made for dubbing
things up. But sadly the flimsy plastic knobs are a pain to use, a lot of potential extras are missing and
it can't really be used like a normal delay via an Aux send yet. Our Jahtari edition unlocks the true
potential of those tiny rudebwoys, adding heaps of features and big Moog-style knobs for hours of
finger twisting fun, endless dub siren action and whacky FX orgies.

More infos, pics & videos and a little manual HERE!





Note that these projects are usually uncommercial, so the price we ask is strictly for material costs and the
working hours (more like working days that can esily turn into weeks...) needed to complete a box. Since
we're doing this only on the side as a hobby and time is always tight there's obviously a strict limit to how
many items we can complete.