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Following up our fine JTR01-vinyl is this label compilation album full of deepest Dubness.
Featuring seven brand-new tunes and three new artists this selection catches the very spirit
of Jahtarian deepness. Introducing masters like Julien Neto aka. John Frum with his
organ-driven delay soundscapes. Or the mighty Afrikan Simba himself, who gives a stunning
glimpse of his upcoming apperance on a kicking Rootah EP that's currently underway.

Dig Illyah & Ltd. Candy's new electrifying vocal killah, a fresh disrupt tune, Pete Mudertone's
first ever Jahtari release, a reworked version of Rootah's "Holy Mount" and Blue Vitriol's
classic "Cryovolcano" in unknown quality. Thanks to the expert mastering of Andreas


01. Afrikan Simba & Rootah - Alternative Power
The one and only African Simba in a kicking DJ version of his upcoming 'Power In The Word'.

02. John Frum - May In Dub
Shuffles straight onward with a distinct Rhythm & Sound feel. Sure and highly efficient!

03. Blaze Dem - Roots Defender
Massive wall of heavy dub with an awesome intro in Swedish! Blaze Dem is back!

04. disrupt - Kozure Okami
Samurai killa track from the 'Jah Bit Invasion EP' on id.eology.

05. Ilyah & Ltd. Candy - Machines And Ghosts
Very dense, hypnotic female vocals over atmospheric soundscapes in offbeat mode.

06. Blue Vitriol - Cryovolcano
Echos from outer space riding the sine sub-subbass. (from their 'Titan EP', JTR EP03)

07. John Frum - January Dub
One of the deepest and atmospheric tunes imaginable! John Frum at his best!

08. Pete Murder Tone - Paper Tiger
Classic drum machines, mighty bassline and synth layers climaxing in spring reverb madness!

09. Rootah - Holy Mount
Completely reworked ultra-kicking and dense version of 'Holy Mount Part II'. (from the JTR01)

10. disrupt - Selassi I Continually
Final FXplosion, coming big scale from everywhere - with lots of surprises! Different version of
the tune featured on the "Foundation Bit" album on WERK DISCS!



"The mighty Disrupt camp return to wreak havoc on our subwoofers with a full-length selection
of heavy dub, dancehall and dubstep variations straight from the depths of the echo chamber.
Disrupt himself looms large over proceedings with two heavyweight contributions - "Kozure
Okami" and "Selassi I Continually version" - the former a skanking 8-bit dub blowout in finest,
smoke-filled style, the latter employing a slowed down steppers vibe that reverberates and
spins out in a plume of dub delay - its just mighty mighty stuff. Type Record's Julien Neto also
makes a return to his "John Frum" moniker for two tracks of endlessly deep midnight dub -
valve organs and shockingly weighty bass in tow. Ilyah and Limited Candy offer another
highlight - a squashed dub lullaby with sweetest female vox - one part King Tubby to one part
Glass Candy, offering a good transition point and another unexpected move from this forever
inventive camp. With narcotic bassline killers from Blaze Dem, Rootah, Pete Murdertone and
Blue Vitriol along the way - The Jahtari massive has established itself as a sturdy bass for a
number of likeminded low-end operators, and this 10 track session is simply a must for all you
Burial, Disrupt, Basic Replay and Lee Perry heads out there - and a bargain to boot. Killer
wares all-round - ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!"



These recordings are released under Copyright control,
NOT under a Creative Commons License as most of our
other releases.