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Tapes – Summer Jam / Salavere (10″)

Jackson Bailey with some fresh Tapes Business!

*Japanese Import*

Ruffy & Tuffy – If the 3rd World War is a Must

Teenage twins Ruffy & Tuffy deliver an apocalyptic slab of synth drenched Rub a Dub with what could be the first use of Vocoder in Reggae for 1982’s If The 3rd World War Is A Must.

Earl Lindo production with heavy Dub cut… TIP!

Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers – Ayiti Kongo Dub #1 (12″)

Chouk Bwa turn up the heat for this exhilarating trip into their bush of ghosts by introducing a new stripped down line-up to fire up the dance floor, based exclusively on the drums and rhythms of the Haitian kongo rite and deep electronic dub expansions by their trusted Belgian counterparts The Ångströmers.

First of two killer 12s on Bongo Joe records, silver screenprint looks great too in real life  – don’t sleep!


Mungo’s HiFi – Antidote Dubs (splatter LP version)

Super heavy and absolutely on-point Mungo’s Hifi Dub cuts, out on beautiful but extremely limited splatter vinyl – don’t snooze!

Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2 (LP re-issue)

Upgraded vinyl LP re-issue of highly sought-after Jahtari compilation from 2010, ready to wreck havoc on terran speaker systems. Essential Jahtari disc – not to be missed!