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The Other Others



The Other Others is an experimental Deephouse Afro-futurism project by Dub poetry free spirit Jasmine Tutum and Jahtari founders disrupt and Rootah.

Jasmine was born in Tokyo, grew up in Jamaica, has African roots and now lives in Freiburg / Germany. She hosted radio shows there for many years, with a voice that can go from Grace Jones to a cosmic version of Paul St. Hilaire and lots of unique places inbetween.

Rootah was very active in the Leipzig Techno scene in the 1990s, but – after meeting disrupt at a custruction site day job – explored all things Dub and Bass as producer and DJ and performed many Jahtari live shows since 2004.

disrupt produced most of the Jahtari releases, played all over the world alongside many different artists and runs the little side label Zonedog, specializing in Sonic Fiction.



The Other Others (LP)

Cosmic Threat



Cosmic Threat are bass clarinet black belt Volker Hemken (from Gewandhausorchester Leipzig), Kiki Hitomi (WaqWaq Kingdom, King Midas) and disrupt, who met for the Two Play To Play project – a collaboration between electronic and classically trained musicians here in Leipzig. 

The goal was to develop tracks for an one hour piece, and then perform it live at the Gewandhaus concert hall. Improvising and jamming together over various sessions in an empty club due to lockdown, developing a collective feeling for moods and textures and growing song strucutures together turned out to be a spiritual journey.

The result is a one-of-a-kind Space Jazz Dub record, knitting those Cosmic Threads in real time…


Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4 – limited vinyl LP re-issue available!

new disrupt LP “Omega Station” landing soon!

This elusive Jahtari compilation is finally getting a little vinyl re-press.Filled with rare cuts by Pupajim, Naram, Jah Screechy, disrupt, Chacha, Diggory Kendrick, Maffi, ElFata and more

If you’ve missed it the first time round make sure to snatch a copy now >>> HERE <<< before they’re gone again!

Btw, tune in the video is “Danger Earth” by MPC3000-guru Monkey Marc.

→ Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4

new disrupt LP “Omega Station” landing soon!

new disrupt LP “Omega Station” landing soon!

Some serious gravity waves, recorded from the Black Hole near doomed outpost OMEGA STATION

Stay tuned for the full LP, a highly immersive SciFi adventure tale no self respecting space cadet should miss – and the first disrupt solo album in eight years!

This black Monolith of a record is scheduled to drop on limited wax on 20. Sept 2018, but copies of the album will already be available in our Jahtari shop or through Bandcamp pre-order within the next 14 earth days!

→ disrupt

WaqWaq Kingdom @ NTS Radio

WaqWaq Kingdom @ NTS radio

Excellent Bokeh versions special by Kiki Hitomi and DJ Scotch Egg aka WaqWaq Kingdom on NTS radio from March 2018. Deep dub, odd exotica, jazz and lots of hilarious moments – don’t miss!

? PLAY ?

→ NTS radio → Bokeh Versions → WaqWaq Kingdom

Red Robin 02 – Bobby Was A Gangster

Red Robin 02 – Bobby Was A Gangster

New Red Robin-12inch just fell off the press! High voltage analogue synth Rub-a-dub riddims by Naram, feat. killer cuts by Midnight Riders, General Jah Mikey and Junior Cat.

Limited pressing, so better act fast to avoid disappointment! Also watch out for the very last copies of Red Robin 01 – Outta Road 12inch!

→ Red Robin 02 – Bobby Was A Gangster

Captain Midnite – Back To The 80s II mixtape

Captain Midnite – Back To The 80s II mixtape

Next entry in the Red Robin mixtape series from Captain Midnite from Dubapest Hifi in Hungary. Excellent selection of early digi rarities, incl. gems by Bolivar, Roman Steward, Tristan Palmer, O’Neil Dyer, Delroy Williams, Steve Knight, Junior Reid, Nuthead Irie, Cane Juice, Tony Tuff, Admiral Shirt, Little Howie, Andrew Paul, Lee Van Cliff, Andrew Tosh and many more!

The limited cassette edition comes with a cool Lada on the cover – Postion I, Dolby off on this one!

→ Captain Midnite – Back To The 80s II mixtape (Red Robin series)

new Jahtari 7″ floppy discs out – LOAD….

new Jahtari 7″ floppy discs out – LOAD….

The first two discs in our new 7″ floppy disc series just dropped off the press – not-to-be-missed hacker dub cuts!

First up is fast chat originator Peter King with his epic drunkard’s tale “One Shot Of Vodka”, on an extra-heavy riddim by Red Robin superhero team Art & Naram.

→ PETER KING – One Shot Of Vodka

Two dubs from the edge of an abysmal echo chamber coming from Monkey Marc on disc two.

→ MONKEY MARC – Post Traumatic Dub