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The story begins in 2000 in Britany (France). Two guys decide to create a sound system with the aim of sharing their common passion for roots reggae and early digital. Rootystep (selecta) and MacGyver (operator) begin to collect records and purchase music equipment. They are quickly joined by Pupajim who becomes the MC, the singer and the dub builder. The Stand High Patrol first toured the land of Brittany, gradually moving towards stepper dub production emanating from the English stage. Fifteen years later, the sound is more present than ever. Stand High has created a true identity and has established itself as one of the essential sound systems of the French dub scene.

The identity of Stand High comes from the unique voice of its singer and also from the singular style of his dub. Over the years the sound has developed a particular style integrating a set of personal and eclectic influences to his dub. This style, named “dubadub”, is defined as a subtle blend of dub, dubstep, and digital reggae. Built like the Hip Hop instrumentals are, the Dubadub is an hybrid and dynamic style that find its followers among fans of dub, hip hop and electronic music.

When STAND HIGH PATROL runs a session, it’s always rough and dynamic! Pupajim sings and animates while his dubs are reinterpreted by MacGyver and Rootystep. Rootystep runs the selection and also acts on frequencies with a preamp. At the same time, Mc Gyver dubs the whole thing with his effects (echo, delay, reverb…). The dubs made by Pupajim are never played two times the same way and the “three dubadub muskateers” never offer the same show.

In 2009, STAND HIGH PATROL creates his own label “STAND HIGH RECORDS”. In 2012, following the release of several Eps and singles, the three Dubadub Musketeerz presents their first album “Midnight Walkers”, 13 exclusives & wicked tracks inna pure Dubadub Style. Since this time the story continue with new releases on STAND HIGH RECORDS. Pupajim, Rootystep and MacGyver return in 2015 with their second self-produced album : “A Matter of Scale”

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Solo Banton



SOLO THE SINGER – Solo started MCing at the age of 11 as a younger MC on his brother’s sound system King Shamma International. Experimenting with rap/hip hop for a while in his teens he finally joined Majestic Sound and was the soul selecta with Shadey aswell as the MC with Daddy MG. After forming a great friendship with Kris Kemist from Reality Shock Records Solo voiced a heap of hit tunes, with no end in sight. Currently working on an album the vibes are far from over.

SOLO THE SOUNDMAN – Already starting as a youth Solo played out on Majestic Sound and various radio stations. Later on he joined Classic Wonder in Reading as amic man, finally becoming the selector and playing the sound for many years. Now the sound is playing out at leat once a week with Solo in a mangerial role.

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Maffi Promotions a.k.a. Maffi Boys come straight outta 1773 Kbh V, Copenhagen, Denmark. Originally founded in 1990 by the two homeboys, lazy body Moog and Junior the Rat, Maffi Promotions have been a steady producer of simple digital riddims for years. Hanging out in the streets of Hummel City Junior & Moog used to entertain their friends with the primitve riddims of the Maffi sound. Not knowing that they would do the exact same thing fifteen years later, they continued to believe that one day they would move up the ladder break out of the underground and reach the stars.

Now, after finally adopting a little sense of realism the two homeboys have realised that stardom is nothing compared to spamming people on myspace. So the two stoners decided to get a couple of friends and turn up the bass online. Together with their sound crew FIREHOUSE, maffi deal nuff weed and gyals.

Maffi Boys are very dedicated to the art of playing Sensible World of Soccer, rolling weed joints with manitou tobacco and keeping it real in a Vesterbro-style. So watch out! And don’t test! We’ll be putting up new riddims on a weekly basis. We have nuff things brewing – including a delicious chicken.


Growing up in the streets of Hummel City, Vesterbro, MOOG learned the pleasures of sleeping late, playing Sensible World Of Soccer and picking up hot gyals at an early age. He has spent most of his life trying to master these crucial skills. Taking a break from the dog race, Moog is currently focused on reaching a higher understanding of reggae-science and weedology.

Growing up in the streets of Hummel City, Vesterbro, JUNIOR experienced the necessity of rolling well-made spliffs at an early age. Incorporating the aestethic heritage of Scandinavian design, he has spent most of his life perfectionizing this old and traditional art form. Junior is currently taking his ph.d. in digital reggae by buying crates of 80’s 7″ and selecting for his sound system Firehouse.

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Mr. Williamz



Micah Williams a.k.a Mr Williamz’ first ever live stage performance was at the tender age of 8 on the local sound system in his community, it was a clash of which he was crowned winner this inspired him to begin writing lyrics. At age 16 he and his younger brother began setting up a small sound system, recording specials onto tape/cassette and then getting them cut onto steelplates creating their own dubplates.

He emerged onto the UK reggae scene in 2008 with his debut single “Babylon in Helicopter” (produced by Necessary Mayhem) which became an instant hit. A lot more big tunes on Necessary Mayhem and Scotch Bonnet followed, along with touring around the globe. From Panama to Japan, from India to Europe – no place is safe from this lyrical machine gun!

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Jane Bee



Getting attached to Reggae and Dancehall in the late 1990s, Jane Bee soon made her first experience with acting as an MC, though singing/chatting has not been her main focus by that time. As a record collector and selector, she initially concentrated on running her own record shop called Saba Records in Leipzig (Saxony, East Germany) from 2004 until 2009 and was further engaged in promoting a radio show for about three years. Later, Jane Bee also worked as a local promoter and agent for renowned artists like Lord Sassafrass, Black Scorpio, Echo Minott, Peter Metro and Squiddly Ranking.

Despite focusing on these various businesses, she has always sticked to her personal aim of performing as a Selectress and MC. Today, she is a member of Outernational Sounds and is linked to the Jahtari Crew and the PlugDub. Moreover, Jane Bee is part of the so-called “Horseman Camp” around the veteran DJ SassaFrass. Her turf is early Roots music and Dancehall, Rub-a-Dub and Digital Reggae.

Since 2012, Jane Bee has been more seriously following her ambition as an MC and song writer. In August 2012, she first got the chance to deejay at one of the mighty PlugDub sessions in Leipzig when Doc Dressla from Jahtari passed the mic to her during their set. Jane Bee since had guest appearances at PlugDub and Jahtari shows.

She had record sessions together with Disrupt, even in cooperation with Naram for his debut album “March Of The Gremlins“. This Double-LP will feature Jane Bee’s tune “Conquer Me“, her first official record release. She just released a 12-track demo tape on limited edition cassette.

Jane Bee is now working as an artist agent for Kommodore, a booking agency that is connected to Jahtari and artists which have releases on the label as well as to other international artists and sounds. She is further promoting Lord Sassafras, Asher Senator, Peter King and Sir Coxsone Sound UK.

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Speng Bond



Speng Bond is a true UK sound system veteran of the first hour and has been playing roots music from 1974 with his first sound system, “Black Ambassador”.

He later worked with many different crews like Quaker City, even had a single out with UB40 (!) as James Bond and toured Europe with Steel Pulse as selector for Jungle Man from Birmingham, who were big in the 80’s.

Speng now runs his own sound system called Blessedluvmuzik out of Reading / UK, and can play at all kinds of functions, weddings, parties, and outdoor events. “I enjoy playing roots muzik the most, I love the heavy drum and bass.”

“Licence fi toast!”

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Monkey Marc



Straight from the vaults of his solar-powered studio comes Melbourne-based producer Monkey Marc, writing sonically rugged, politically charged beats by day, and playing them on his solar rig, DIY Hi Fi Sound System, by night.

His production ranges from instrumental hip hop to dub-infused bass music and reggae, influenced by an eclectic mix of world music and boom bap style hip hop beats.

As well as being known as the mastermind behind political hip hop punks Combat Wombat, he has released a debut solo album As the Market Crashed (Omelette Records 2009), follow-up EP Monkey Marc vs The Planet Smashers (Jahtari 2013), and dystopian bass manifesto Bullets Over Babylon (Renegade Masters 2015) featuring UK powerhouse Soom T.

Monkey Marc’s passion for music and social change has also taken him far across the Australian outback. For over 15 years, he has run music workshops with indigenous youth and elders in more than 30 communities around Australia, using hip hop, reggae and rock music and music videos as an outlet for creativity in these remote communities.

Monkey Marc has produced for and mentored indigenous bands including hip hop groups Desert Sevenz and E-Town Boyz. He has recorded in makeshift studios set up in old toilet blocks, abandoned youth centres, lounge rooms of motels and even on remote beaches with crocodiles. Recent releases include compilations by Barkly Desert Culture and Red Sand Culture. Monkey currently spends up to six months of the year running workshops in remote Aboriginal communities.

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With a background in breakcore, weirdo electronic music and a love for video game soundtracks disrupt and a trashy laptop set out on a mission to unite bits and bytes with the goodness of DUB back in 2003.

Starting the Jahtari imprint as an outlet for those humble but fun experiments helped to gain momentum for the sound and DIY approach the label is now known for. A fair heap of releases followed since 2007: “Foundation Bit” (on Werk Discs), “The Bass Has Left The Bilding” (LP), “Dot Matrix With Stereo Sound” and many ruffneck dancehall EPs and 7″s alongside Maffi and Naram.

Disrupt also produced the cosmic enka LP “Karma No Kusari” by Kiki Hitomi, and the dub poetry epics “Dis Side Ah Town” and “Dog Heart City” by Roger Robinson.

With the trilogy of cosmic library albums “Omega Station“, “The Recreation Room” and “Under Triple Suns” disrupt ventures out deeply into the unexplored space between dub and sonic fiction.

Zonedog Live set at Meakusma Festival 2019.
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Kiki Hitomi

Kiki Hitomi

Kiki Hitomi



Kiki Hitomi is the singer/songwriter from bass explorers King Midas Sound (Ninja Tune), Black Chow and was a founding member of the Japanese Dubstep noise duo Dokkebi Q. Her solo debut album “Karma No Kusari” appeared on Jahtari in 2016 and is roaming the galxies ever since.

Apart from her own solo project Kiki is part of WAQWAQ KINGDOM and also released a tape with Noinonoinonoino on Caoutchou Records.

article and interview in FACT

reviews for “Karma No Kusari”





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Kiki Hitomi painting the artwork for Roger Robinson’s “Dog Heart City” tape

Kiki Hitomi painting the artwork for Roger Robinson’s “Dog Heart City” tape

all done with the water colors of our kid – that was five bucks well-spent! Final artwork looks very hypnotic in real size. Glasses can be taken off as well.