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Peter King



Peter King started off MCing in 1981 as a 19 year old youth at the legendary UK soundsystem Saxon. In those early days he was sparring with the Saxon MC Papa Levy and one of Peter’s first tunes was ‘Ganja Business A Money Business’. Peter’s device was that lyrics, instead of just being endless but sensless rhymes, should tell a story even for people to identify with. Peter King is famous and known as the originater of a style – the fast chat style.

In ’82 he was the first MC to do that style with the tune called „Me Neat, Me Sweet“. After mashing it up on Saxon with this tune artists like Smiley Culture, Asher Senator, Tippa Irie or Papa Levy soon adopted the fast chat, wich was getting big all over and quickly spread to Jamaica and influenced jamaican DJ’s a lot. This style is the precursor of today’s drum and bass MCing as well.

It is known that around 1983 some of the Saxon MC’s started a crew called „Crucial Posse“ involving Peter King along with Maxi Priest, Papa Levy, Smiley Culture and Asher Senator. Some of those MC’s went back to Saxon later.

From ’84 to ’85 Peter King worked with the UK based recordlabel Fashion. The tunes „10 Commandments Of An MC“, „Step On The Gas“ and „Me Neat Me Sweet“ were released as 12inches.
Today Peter King is working as a painter and carpenter in south London and his tune „Learn Fe Read, Write And Spell“ was the first one to be released on record since 26 years.

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Roger Robinson



Roger Robinson is a Trinidadian writer, dub poet and musician who has lived in London for 25 years. He has performed worldwide with King Midas Sound and Jahtari and is an experienced workshop leader and lecturer on poetry.

His book A Portable Paradise won the prestigious T. S. Eliot Prize 2019. He is the second writer of Caribbean heritage to win the prize, the highest value award in UK poetry.

A Portable Paradise was only the second book of poetry to win the Ondaatje Prize in May 2020.

His solo music album Illclectica was released in 2004 on Altered Vibes and was named by Mojo Magazine as number eight in the top ten electronic albums for that year. Robinson is a founding member of the band King Midas Sound relasing on Hyperdub Records and Ninja Tunes.

Since 2015 Roger released the highly acclaimed dub poetry epics “Dis Side Ah Town” and “Dog Heart City” alongside disrupt on Jahtari.

His one-man shows are: The Shadow Boxer, Letter from My Father’s Brother, and Prohibition. He was chosen by Decibel as one of 50 writers who have influenced the black-British writing canon. His workshops have been a part of a shortlist for the Gulbenkian Prize for Museums and Galleries and were also a part of the Webby Award winning Barbican’s Can I Have A Word. He has toured internationally with the British Council and is a co-founder of both Spoke Lab and the international writing collective Malika’s Kitchen.

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Originally from Wellington’s notorious K-hole region, Naram is a reggae fanatic with a penchant for vintage synthesisers, cheesy 80s horror films, Test Match Cricket and dal makanis.

Back in the day, he primarily operated as a selector – however he always enjoyed producing low-fi digikal riddims for a laugh. Then, in 2010, he took off from New Zealand with a bicycle, a tent, and a plan to ride from Australia to Scotland via Eurasia (also just for a laugh).

During the course of his successful bicycle adventure he managed to procure an iPod Touch from a dodgy gentleman in Hanoi, Vietnam. Using said iPod – and an app called NanoStudio – he started building a few riddims again, usually in his tent each night after a hard day’s pedaling.

While the road to building a good riddim was long and arduous, eventually – some 15,000km on from Hanoi – he struck gold on a roadside in Turkey with a thing called March of the Gremlins riddim. Upon finishing said riddim, he decided to pedal to Leipzig to play it to the man like disrupt – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now finished with the iron horseplay, Naram has set up shop in Australia’s Coburgistan region (north of Melbourne). Rather than risking a repetitive stress injury to his thumbs with the iPod, he now spends his days in a classic analogue studio/bedroom with a growing arsenal of vintage synths, keyboards and effects – including his secret weapon, the Suzuki Omnichord.

His debut release, March of the Gremlins, features an eclectic mix of digikal delights, some produced in his tent on the iPod – and others built in the aforementioned studio.

As well as producing a steady flow of deadly digikal riddims, he flings down dubplates with Echo Chamber Sound in Melbourne alongside fellow kiwis L Que and Colonel Mustard. He is also the new chief propaganda advisor for Jahtari.

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